The conference provides an opportunity to present the results of original scientific research, review papers and dissemination of knowledge in the field of architecture and urban planning in the following thematic areas 

  • Influence of environmental factors on the residential environment. 
  • Sustainable design and development of housing and housing estates: experiences related to sustainable design in the context of housing estates, housing complexes and apartments, innovative solutions and technologies supporting sustainable development. 
  • Current trends in residential architecture: experiments, innovative, intelligent and eco-friendly solutions.  
  • Public space in the city: functions and forms of public space, significance for the residential environment 
  • Social implications of interactions in urban space: the relationship between spatial structure and society, the role of architecture and spatial systems at different scales in shaping social relations. 
  • Issues of revitalisation of urban areas and housing estates. 
  • Contemporary compositional layouts of housing estates 
  • Historical heritage in the context of the residential environment 
  • Problems of assessing the quality of the residential environment: methods and indicators 
  • Good practices and experiences in residential architecture 
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